Built to last
Best Ideas – Best Solution – Best Result
Built to last
Best Ideas – Best Solution – Best Result
Built to last
Best Ideas – Best Solution – Best Result
Built to last
Best Ideas – Best Solution – Best Result
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We Create
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We apply innovative design solutions to enhance people’s residential wellbeing and to help workplaces succeed! All our team collaborates with our clients!

TARMAC has been established to meet the demand of engineered products & solutions for the growing markets of United Arab Emirates & Qatar. Providing Mechanical and Electrical solutions TARMAC is determined to provide the industry with the latest innovation and top of the line quality products, backed up by exceptional customer service.


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For Tarmac, sustainability has become a driver for value creation rather than a tool for image boosting and cost reduction. Our focus is shifting from internal activities and cost reduction strategies towards a focus on better products adding value to customers and end-users.
We have formulated a set of environmental reduction targets to be reached, and we have been monitoring our progress in these areas since our creation. 

our Environmental

  • To develop a sustainability plan, and measure it
  • To reduce energy consumption in the company and fleet
  • To use green packaging, including recycled packaging
  • To establish sustainability standards for choosing suppliers and service providers 
  • To source your supply chain sustainably

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Tarmac has already created a niche for itself here in the UAE and is receiving consistent demand from the region.

In the few years of its creation, Tarmac has supported several projects and distributors in the GCC and the wider Middle East region, tapping into a growing need for innovative construction solutions in these countries. Tarmac is also capitalizing on this success by establishing new partnerships and clients.

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